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The biggest obstacles to getting the trophy for Yakuza 5 would be the [Hall of Famer] trophy, in which you must do almost everything that there is to do in the game.

This guide is written specifically for helping people achieve the trophy in the Japanese version (currently the only one available).

Even though the screen dims, you can still see the button you need to press.

This makes beating this normally hard game a very simple task.

エアホッケー (Air Hockey) Air hockey can only be played in Kamurocho, in the hot springs building, a block to the right of the Casino/Gambling hall/Dojo.

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Because of that you must complete everything involving her by part 4 of the last chapter. At the very end of the game before the final sequence you need to cycle through the times of the day (day, evening, night) in order to advance through the story.This part showcases the kinda tutorial stage for the Hostess Sim - later on you get different girls.It's not terribly interesting and I thought about cutting it out, but I guess it's good to see it at least once.Your opponent will always deflect your special attacks on the hardest difficulty and there's very little time to react, but you can use a neat little trick.As soon as your opponent's deflection animation ends, quickly press to pause the game.