Intimidating women forum form 1099 liquidating dividend

sometimes i even think that i prefer their company, especially if the women around are so shallow.

some women don't like me becoz they see me as aloof. I've seen my friends intimidate men on many occasions.

On the rare occasion that someone dislikes me, those around us tend to wonder what is THEIR problem, lol.

If ever I get self-consious of how I'll come off to others, my friends say, "Relaaaax! " The only thing that gets me into trouble with folks is my sense of humor.

First, let’s talk about the whole “strong woman” / “alpha female” topic.

I am learing it is best to speak up when an issue first arises. BUT Ive been told by guys that I give off the intimidating vibe.

I think its b/c I dont talk alot and go about my business without paying too much mind to anything i am intimidating to other women, and sometimes i do it deliberately, becoz i'm very choosy when it comes to allowing people entry into my universe. i am scorpio sun and scorpio moon and it takes a long time for me to warm up to people.

My ex husband's daughter's mother didn't know how to deal witht the fact that I was so nice to her and how her daughter took to me, she even told her daughter I was trying to still her away from her. Its a woman thing to size one another up regardless of what you look and act like.

I take it as a compliment, but it does suck since its a hindrance on meeting new people and making even plain old friends.