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In fact, the Messianic Archetype is almost always The Fettered.

Choice and freedom are an important aspect of a Fettered character; while they freely choose to adhere to a code, the temptation to desert it is always present, but placing their trust in these ideals serves to give them and others strength to stand firm. The moral code itself usually compromises their ability to deal with threats permanently, with things like Thou Shalt Not Kill, or being obliged to help the helpless when a more pragmatic attitude could save more total lives.

The Internet is a great source of information but one needs to ask about the qualifications of the person who has created the page, anyone with a little computer experience can create a web page. I have self published a 90 page index of newspaper clippings on the Force and have contributed a chapter titled The First Special Service Force and the Canadian Involvement at Kiska to Fern Chandonnet's publication.

the Force never in all its service yielded an inch of ground nor left a battle with an indecisive conclusion. In honour of the units 60th anniversary and the reunion in Helena, Montana at the Westcoast Colonial Hotel between August 14-17, 2002 this site site has been updated and expanded.

If they put their faith in an unsound moral code, or obedience in an authority that is less morally upright than they, there will be a reckoning where they must choose To Be Lawful or Good. A danger many Fettered face is the Poisonous Friend, who takes up the "task" of protecting the fettered from hard choices.

For gallantry in action on 7 January 1944, on Mount Majo, Italy.

Private Aitken volunteered for the task of silencing an enemy machine gun whose fire was causing heavy casualties in his company.

It's knowing what needs to be done that brings strength. The Fettered believe in these ideals and willingly bind themselves to them, and in so doing draw strength to face whatever challenges arise.

One thing all fettered characters share is that they can often motivate others by virtue of their ideals.