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Just because someone does something that is quite profitable, doesn't mean that they should be the richest person ever Buy & hold is nether lucrative nor safe anymore, if you don't have the time or don't want to trade then you are better off in a managed fund.Long gone are the days you could buy Telstra, Qantas & BHP, stick the shares at the back of a drawer with the assurance that in 10 years they will have appreciated.But, while holding I traded another lot of QBE 18 times, each time profit target of 3% 3x18=54%. Perhaps, but if you go back to the GFC, QBE was one of the very few stocks that held firm at so I think that at purchase it was a good choice, thereafter it increased it's exposure to US underwriting and got killed, mainly by Cathrena. companies can change in ways that don't necessarily appear bad but get killed anyway. NY just opened and it's going bunkers pulling EU up with it.So, my buy & hold lot is still there waiting for the 30% target, meanwhile the other lot traded 18 times with a 54% profit and still trading it. Just looking at the dividend history, you would have been paid .27 over the last six years. Got in 12 US & 5 EU positions during last week's dip and the way it looks I'll be out of 6 of them in a while at the target level.News are important as this will tell you whether an event is continuing or a one off.I also look at Routers news specific to stocks I flagged.I then determine lower and upper ranges of the stocks or instruments I intend to trade using my own algorithms, I use these to set my limit orders for that day, stops are set based on what's available to loose .

Even the Greek rating downgrade hasn't unsettled anyone.Anything that works on real-time is of interest to me. At least once a week I get a call from some analyst firm claiming to know more than the rest and for a fee they'll send daily tips on what to buy and when to sell... Just because someone does something that is quite profitable, doesn't mean that they should be the richest person ever. I'm able to see that day trading would be standard answer is "If your predictions or systems are that good, why don't you trade them instead of collecting peanuts selling them? I can see that a dedicated person could rake in a few 0k a year if they were good at it.Buy & hold is still a very lucrative and safe strategy – like always you have to understand the fundamentals of the businesses you become a part owner of, but plenty of wealth to be made. QF used to be the flagship that together with BHP & Telstra everybody hoping to retire with assets & Income would buy.... Yes indeed, everybody that's not a fool will study the company and research the fundamentals...used to be that the fundamentals remained fairly constant but no more, so buying & holding something you did homework on won't reduce your risk unless you keep looking at the fundamentals, and that's the point!