Average teenage dating age

This is the first generation to have grown up with the internet as ordinary.

For them, it's not just another communication tool, a new way to access or share information with a pre-existing group of friends — it is an extension of their reality.

Being a teenage girl is an exhausting and turbulent time.

All kinds of pressures are bearing down upon you, from parents, teachers, boys.

Could it be that our fresh-faced little pixie has morphed into a bit of a diva? Could it be that this online success story is turning into a cautionary tale about the effects of fame on a young mind?

Or is it a clash of two cultures, the old media vs the new?

Cue Twitter storm, as her millions of fans stepped in to defend her.The Department for Education last week released new figures about the mental and emotional whereabouts of the current generation of secondary school children. Teenagers have always been a tricky lot, expressing themselves through the counter-culture, be that clothes, hair, sex, music or drugs.But these figures reveal something truly shocking: today's teenagers are square. They enjoy school, love spending time with their families, live healthy, productive lifestyles.In truth, though, it's just a new kind of rebellion, a kick against the establishment every bit as vicious as that delivered by The Beatles or punk.The only difference is that we don't feel it so keenly because it's happening in a different dimension from the one we inhabit.