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Usage guidelines Google is proud to partner with libraries to digitize public domain materials and make them widely accessible. The religious and moral character of an indivi- dual or of a community may always be measured by the manner in which they " remember the Sabbath to keep it holy.'' Facts illustrating and establishing this connexion between Sabbath observance and virtue^ and Sabbath profanation and vice^ might be largely adduced. The whole Christian association —the universal Church — ^has a divine right to call upon every one of its mem- bers to give all diligence to search for, and to adopt, the best outward means of maintaining and propagating the religion of Christ in the world.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. The moral condition of the boatmen and labourers employed on the canals and navigable rivers of England^ and who were altogether deprived of Sabbath rest^ attracted the attention some years ago of Christian philan- thropists : the moral degradation of these men was found to be most mournful. In full view of this obligation, he believes that he is not at liberty to discharge from his con- sideration the example or the precept of the apostles of Christ ; but that he is free to consider them with reference to the state of the Christian association at different periods of its existence, and under the variety of circumstances in which it may from time to time be placed.

Saobath-sleep during ordinary waking hours — aye, even from * very early in the morning ' — will be found neither necessary nor expedient on mere physical grounds. But here there is exhibited an anxiety, an amazement, a horror of an altogether peculiar kind (cd Aij Seia, Heb. 7), ror which an altogether deeper reason is to be sought. Stier evolves from the mysterious words of the passion which commend themselves to our judgment and our sympathy : in some cases, we think he has departed from that sim- plicity of exegesis which cannot be deserted without mingling an inferior subjective element with the divine account of these awful phe- nomena. A., Principal of the Theological College, Chichester. The consideration of the first and second of these relation^ affords a very general sort of history of the church's creeds ; whilst that of the last presents to fiill view the very important doctrine of the right and duty of the exercise of private judgment. P.) — Documents in^dits relatifs aux affaires Keligieuses de la Fran(^ ; 1790 k 1800 ; eztfaits des arehive B Becv^tes da Vatican.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for in forming people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. David Buel, who had been for' twenty-eight years chaplain of prisons in London, and who had had at least one hundred thousand prisoners under his care, made the following statement in 1832 before the Sabbath Committee of the House of Commons : — " I do not recollect a single case of capital offence where the party has not been a Sabbath breaker ; and / Siati8tic9 and Facts of the Lord^s Day, By Rev. It is that that gives force to every other temptation, because it removes the most efficient corrective if not the absolute antidote. We think it highly probable that, with that enlightened view to the requirements of the future, which must be conceded to men thus divinely commissioned, the apostles and their disciples would recommend a general form of outward government appli- cable to all times and circuihstances ; and when we reflect that an analogous structure of secular government has been productive of an amount of power and prosperity hitherto unexampled in the history of the world, we feel all the more strongly inclined to do homage to the wisdom and foresight of our inspired teachers ; and should be disposed to depart from their ordinances — as far as we can comprehend or apply them — with a far more sensible reluctance than that we should feel in chimgmg or abandoning the most salutary po Uticid scheme. Pautbier (G.) — De Tautbenticite de rinscription Nestorienne rdative a IMntroduction de la religion Ghr^tienne en Chine.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. Once placed beyond the conservative and ameliorating influence of the Sabbath, nothing else but deterioration, more or less gradual, can be expected, and for the most part nothing else takes place.'' " Confining our attention to ordinary common-place sequence, there is a conne Kion none can deny between a crew of reckless tippling stokers, and the possibility of a disaster ; and I certainly affirm that there does subsist a connexion not greatly more re- mote between habitual disregietrd of the Sabbath, and such a tone of principle and line of conduct as too naturally leads to the above.'' In America the same connexion between immorality and Sab- bath breaking has been observed. *' As the best means, therefore, of maintaining and propagating Christianity in the world, we regard the constitution of bishops, priests, and deacons as obligatory. E.) — Commentar iiber den Zweiten Brief Pauli an die Korin- thier.

Bible presented to Princess Frederick William, 250. If the moral and spiritual condition of those who disregard or who pervert the Sabbath is superior to the condition of those who '' remember the Sabbath to keep it holy,'' then would it be evident that the Sabbath was not adapted to the exigencies of man's moral nature ; but if the con- « So ob Tiously necessary and important is the institution of the Sabbath, that had it not been foand in Scripture there would have been a material want, a dewidera^ ium — a something which needed to be supplied to be in keeping with the rest of the book. When he came, and by himself and his apostles pointed to the Old Testament and said, * See, here it is prophesied that Christ should suffer,' it was an easy matter to look and see. It appears to us, that he has in his reply either not referred to the gravest of the objec- tions which had been urged, or has not done so sufficiently. G-reenwood has strensrthened his case to this effect. gmsiiwood argues, with the very important colony of Hebrewl in Babylonia, which became the most influential centre of Judaism, that St.

Do the social opportunities and privileges of the Sabbath injure or do they benefit morally those who attend upon them ? The Jews expected a triumphant Messiah : a Christ crucified was to them a stumbling-block : all had overlooked the prophecies wherein the sufferings of the Redeemer were foretold. Peter visited Rome, and probably died there, we felt that the presumptions are very strong against his presence there in any official connexion with the Church of Rome; and Mr. Saint Augustin; Lettres de Saint Augustin, traduites en Fran^ais et pr6o6d6es d'une introduction par M.